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PROINTER ITSS is more than a consulting company

Prointer IT Solutions & Services has become the leading company in the field of Information Technology in a very short period of time. Implementation of complete IT solutions, system integration, business printing optimization and IT consulting services are primary activities of the company. We have long-term relationships with IT leaders on the global market. The foundation of this relationship is our commitment to clients and our anticipation to exceed clients’ expectations, which has enabled us to cooperate with the largest national and commercial companies. What makes Prointer ITSS stand out is that every single employee participates in the company’s success.

PROINTER ITSS is creating high performace systems

The main purpose of every successful company is to use the resources to the maximum, which would enable high productivity and sustainable growth. PROINTER IT Solutions & Services experts ensure continuous service of latest developments in the field of information technology. Rapid technological progress is the driver of dramatic changes in society and way of doing business. Therefore, our solutions are to safely conduct our clients through these changes and to offer them all of the advantages of modern information systems.

PROINTER IT Solutions & Services provides problem solving strategies to enhance business performance in today's most demanding and key areas such as monitoring business relationships with clients and financial management applications. From the very beginning PROINTER IT Solutions & Services is successful in design, development and implementation of highly reliable, secure and flexible business systems. Our teams are consisted of highly experienced programmers and consultants, who are concentrated on adapting infrastructure, application and business solutions, capable of responding to clients’ needs and challenges.


To remain a leader in the field of implementation of business solutions and system integration for us is a challenge and motivation for even better work. Approaching each client and partner with the aim of finding solutions that interests them which will not disrupt the basic business habits and to accelerate and optimize their business are our main drivers. Developing the project team as a combination of youth and experience and continuously improving, we recognized as one of the key components of success. Add value caused by the training and development of our clients can be identified in each segment using solutions that we implement.


We believe in a good future. We believe in strategic partnerships. Our customers and partners are our strength - we believe that we can together to grow. We want to become the absolute leader in the delivery of ICT services in the domestic market. We are committed to the object thereof and on it we work hard every day.


Dunavska bb, Viline Vode,
Belgarde, Serbia

T: +381 11 20 84 030
T: +381 11 27 59 457

Miloša Obilića 69/71,
Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, BiH

T: +387 51 492 100

PROINTER ITSS is an authorized ECDL test center

Authorized examiners:

  • Rastislav Božović (CS 0020J)
  • Jelena Stanković (CS 1446J)
  • Dajana Savović (CS 1456J)

More information on page ECDL test center.