Probilling is the application solution of invoice collection and approval from customers by providing services, resource uses and etc.

Functions of PROBILLING are as following:

•  The subscriber relationship subsystem (registration and updating data on consumer characteristics taken from the readings of electricity meters, billing and collection);

•  Measurement device subsystem (recording and updating technical data of measuring devices, monitoring them through technological stages, regular readings, replacements, calibrations and check-outs, along with history of measuring devices);

•  Tariff system (recording and updating calculation elements and tariff rates);

•  The billing and collection subsystem. It is divided into following subsystems:
- Household calculation and payment
- Calculation of other consumer categories (billing and account balance of these consumer categories are part of the application Financial accounting).

PROBILLING-licensing packages:

LICENSE FOR APPLICATION SERVER Equal to number of servers in the system
LICENSE FOR DATABASE Oracle database, smaller clients can use free version of the database
STANDARD PROBILLING LICENSE Equal to the number of users
LICENSE MAINTENANCE The user gets all updates and new versions
DEVELOPMENT LICENSE The user has the right to edit the software