Prointer is a Serbian company established in 2005 and in a short period of time we have become one of the leading companies in the field of information technology. Primarily we deal with realization of complete IT solutions, system integration, optimization of business printing, providing IT consulting services, and support in order to address the business needs of our clients. We have established cooperation and partnerships with the world's largest IT companies, and our customers are the largest domestic companies from all the economic and industrial authorities, government bodies and public services. In the addition to sales, implementation, customization and maintenance of business information systems and services, PROINTER ITSS provides financial consulting and accounting given that our employees are highly qualified experts in the fields of financial reporting.

Business solutions

Prointer offers its customers a range of software solutions, which is possible thanks to comprehensive support information and communication needs of small, medium and large enterprises.

All software solutions are primarily based on the needs of our clients, and have high quality, partnership relation with customers, with safe and easily accessible service provided. Solutions are aimed at optimizing information and communication infrastructure with the use of advanced technologies that can potentially increase the productivity and competitiveness of customers in their business and market presence. With educating users in accordance with their needs, we are allowing them to maximize all the performance hardware, software and other implemented and installed equipment. The solutions we offer to partners and customers to optimize the work processes and improve productivity, and therefore more successful appearance on the market are:

Proprint - multi-platform software solution for managing and monitoring the press card via user identification.
Probiling - applied solution of calculation and collection of receivables from customers by providing services, use of resources and so on.
Aspect - aspect is a modular ERP system for resource management business processes.
Jana - is a software for recording and monitoring of public procurement processes
BZR - is a software for recording and monitoring the safety and health at work of employees

Financial consulting and accounting

We are ready to meet all requirements in the field of financial and accounting services. We offer our clients the possibility to conduct a complete financial and accounting operations or some of its segments. Thanks to the high professionalism and continuous education of our employees, we are very quickly adapting our services to large, medium or small systems.

The range of our services includes complete financial and accounting affairs, communication with banks, activities of electronic payment, payroll, VAT calculation and preparation of all legal forms and submitting them to the relevant state authorities.

In addition, we provide all kinds of services consultative nature, in particular: tax and other business consulting, analysis of cash flows in order to optimize liquidity, all types of internal and external financial analysis, financial planning business and financial controls, as well as the cumulative production of monthly and annual financial reports, reports for management purposes and other reports to customer.