Application for recording and monitoring the safety and health at work of employees

BZR is the solution for recording and monitoring the safety and health of employees. The implementation of the OSH solution ensures effective and efficient management of occupational safety and health processes by automatically generating reports in compliance with legal regulations. Automation of the process in real time, existence of different user profiles as well as integration with the existing information system of users (primarily with HR and MM modules) is enabled.

Benefits of the implementation of the solution:

  • – Effective and efficient occupational safety and health management with automatic generation of regulatory compliance reports
  • – Efficient information and documentation activity
  • – Real-time process automation
  • – Unique BZR performance database
  • – User profiles, work permits (functional and organizational principle)
  • – Security and reliability
  • – Flexibility and modularity of the solution - openness of the system

Basic functionalities:

  • – Monitoring the health of employees
  • – Injuries at work
  • – Reports to the competent authorities / institutions
  • – Work equipment
  • – Testing of working environment conditions
  • – Company activities
  • – BZR at the contractor
  • – LZO and SZLH
  • – Job files - AKT
  • – Reporting