Application for recording and monitoring of public procurement processes

Solution to monitor and record the procurement process. The decision is fully followed by the Law on Public Procurement, which enables more efficient business operations in all segments of public procurement, the availability of records with daily promptness and the ability to issue credible reports based on company-wide data available on request within a very short time. This solution ensures integration with the existing software package user information system as well as utilization of the necessary data from already existing user logs.

Benefits of the implemetation of the solution:

  • – Full process automation in real time
  • – 80% digitized process (paper elimination)
  • – Centralization of procurement process management
  • – Transparency of the process
  • – User profiles, work permits (functional and organizational principle)
  • – Process traceability
  • – Possibility of further development - openness of the system
  • – Security
  • – Reliability

Automation of the procurement process in accordance with:

  • – Legislation
  •   • internal regulations governing this matter
  •   • Monitoring the procurement process at all stages of procurement
  • – Authorization, monitoring of competent services and audit trail at all stages of the process, in real time
  • – Integration of solutions (possibility to connect to existing systems in the Company)